Trei - Kelowna BC


Hi! My name it Trei I started vaping in 2016 to aid in stopping smoking, at that time it was a stressful time in my life, and I was up to a pack and a half a day. I was experiencing 3:00pm headaches, brain fog, and my asthma was getting bad, that's when I met my now fiancé Jordan, he introduced me to vaping. He helped me get set up with a device and a delicious flavor that worked for me. I tried what felt like a hundred different flavor’s, before I finally settled on one that was perfect to my needs.

When I first made the transition; the first few days were a little rough, I experienced a bit of coughing, which is totally normal if you are transitioning from smoking to vaping, that passed after a few days. It wasn't too long before I started feeling really good and had little to no cravings for cigarettes, my headaches were gone, I could think more clearly, and I didn't smell like an ashtray. I found that I could easily go for a hike and not feel like lungs may collapse. In my mind that was a huge win! As time went on, I stayed dedicated to not smoking and just vaping. Making the choice to quit something takes strength and dedication, I still had the odd cravings but for the most part they were gone, and I have not looked back yet.

In the summer of 2019, I joined the VapouRevolution family in Kelowna B.C. I have learned so much about vaping since I started working for the company. I love my job, the staff and our loyal customers, especially the doggos some of them bring in with them.

I have to say that I get so excited to help new customers start their journey in quitting smoking, because I have been there myself.

I believe education is key to quitting smoking. We are all unique individuals, and that applies to vaping as well. We have different requirements and unique flavor profiles; one person might love a specific device or liquid and the next can’t stand it. I like to ask when a new customer comes in what their smoking or vaping habits are and most importantly what flavors they tried, what their favorite was and what they absolutely didn't like. That helps give me a base to start with, so I can make suggestions that I think may work. 8/10 times I get it right, and have a happy human on their way to a smoke free life.

We are all human and all so unique, so trial and error is important, just keep on trying until you find what works best for you, like I did.


Shane - St Catharines ON


It all started back in 2014 when I first saw a friend of a friend using a vaporizer for the first time. I asked him what it was and he told me it was a nicotine vape so he didn’t have to smoke cigarettes. I didn’t understand exactly and to be honest I was kind of grossed out.

Fast forward a few months, and simply due to my curiosity I ended up inside a local vape store inquiring about such devices. My first device was a Smoov pen, with 18mg peach e-liquid. I was determined to give this new style of “smoking” a try. Simply put, I hated it.

After feeling like I had wasted my money, another store opened in town so I decided to take my device there and see if there was anything they could do to help me with it. After more careful explanation, I purchased a new device (20w Eleaf and Kangertech Subtank Nano) with 6mg watermelon e-liquid and that’s when I fell in love.

I struggled to stop smoking while I vaped, but it was definitely working. I was consuming half of the amount of cigarettes by supplementing with my vape device. At that point I knew it was time to do something serious.

I upgraded my device again, moving down to a 3mg as I was now running around 40w on a Kangertech Subtank full-sized. That extra punch of power, the warmer vapor and finding a grape flavor I couldn’t put down was what officially made me able to ditch the cigarettes completely. If it wasn’t for flavors, I’d still be hacking away at the cigarettes. Gross.

It has been many years since those days, finding new devices and creating a hobby for myself. In 2018 I was offered a position for a vape store which I took immediately. I was in my prime. I wanted to help other people switch to a less harmful alternative, and that’s exactly what I have been doing ever since.

I had my ups and downs over my journey, even went back to smoking for a month but it was my vape that has officially kept me away from cigarettes. It has been over 4 years since I’ve even held one in my hand and I’ve never felt better.


Natalie - Fort St John BC


Hi there, my name is Natalie I been in the Fort St. John Area for about 15 years and been with VapouRevolution for almost two.

I started at VapouRevolution thinking I was not going to stay long or get any benefit from working in retail. The past two years though I have met some amazing people, learned so much about the vaping industry and I get to work with some of the most hardworking people I know. I have been vaping for two years now and my favorite E-juice is Dam Iced by Beaver Sauce.



Jarrett - St Catharines ON


I grew up in a family of heavy smokers, for years I watched my parents struggle to quit. It took them the greater portion of a decade, but they managed to overcome the hurdle.

With the innovation in the Vaping world, it has made this transition easier for others to make the change. This inspired a spark of curiosity, as someone who has struggled to resist temptations my entire life vaping has given me the opportunity to overcome the struggles of dealing with addiction with an alternative smoking product. It has cut down my consumption habits as well as given me a great way to integrate with my social circle.

As a creature of habit, I found that using a freebase with 0mg nicotine to supplement the action of smoking was enough to curb my craving. #BeTheChange


Jay - St Catharines ON


I started vaping in the middle of 2014 after smoking for 6 years. I was working the night shift and one of my co-workers, who was a 2 pack-a-day smoker, had a vaporizer that he had used as a replacement for cigarettes. I was uneasy at first, but I figured that if it was that easy for someone with such a strong addiction to cigarettes could quit, it must be worth a shot. Besides, anything was better than cigarettes. Fast forward a week or two and I visited the only vape shop in town at the time and they set me up with an Ego device and a bottle of flavorless juice. It was a great experience, but admittedly, did not work as well as I expected it to, and I continued to smoke while using it. I had more or less given up on vaping as a replacement for cigarettes because spending more money on something that wasn’t helping me wasn’t something I had the luxury of doing since cigarettes were expensive, and at least ten dollars a day were going to the gas station behind my place of work. After coming down with a lung infection, I decided to dig a little bit deeper into vaping. I watched youtube videos, read articles and studies on the topic, and tried to become more informed. When I felt comfortable with it, I decided to visit the vape shop again and give it another try. Armed with a little bit more knowledge, and a more curious mindset, I was able to go in and talk with the employees more comfortably, and they were able to walk me through why my set up may not be working for me. They suggested to me that my nicotine level may be too high and was making the experience uncomfortable for me. They also suggested to try a juice with a flavor I enjoy, in order to make it more enjoyable. I left the store that day with a new vape (Innokin MVP2.0 with a Kangertech tank), some new juice and an incredible amount of knowledge I never would have learned otherwise. I finished the pack of cigarettes I had at the time, and it was the last pack I ever bought.

I credit my ability to trade smoking in for vaping to the employees in that shop, the knowledge on the product that they passed on to me, and the suggestions they made to get me on the right path. Without the ability to see, feel, and learn about the device, and the ability to vape flavored ejuice, I would still be smoking cigarettes to this day and in a much worse place financially, and health-wise


Alex - Yellowknife NWT


Hey everyone, name's Alex, I'm a part of the team up in Yellowknife. I've been a vaper for just about 4 years now and this is my story.

Before I discovered the wonderful world of vaping, I was a smoker. I smoked just about 2 and a half packs a day. I had tried quitting a number of times over the 11 years that I smoked, nothing worked for me. I smelt like an ash tray and at my worst doing the most basic of exercises was a challenge. I hated how I felt and smelled, but I didn't know how to solve the problem. Then one day I stumbled upon a new shop that had opened up and I had a peek inside. It turned out that a vape store had popped up in my hometown of Whitehorse and being naturally curious I started asking questions. About two weeks later, I'm buying my very first vape and the difference that it made was nothing short of life changing. About two weeks after I started, I began to taste my favorite foods way better. I could smell better among other things that just made my life so much easier. As the weeks and months passed, I started to get into vaping properly and I got my first box mod, then my first rebuildable etc. Ever since I made the change, life has slowly gotten better to the point where I don't even think about picking up another cigarette. My favorite flavor that I have vaped from the very beginning to this day has got to be Bucktooth from Beaversauce. Fast forward to present day, I now work for the amazing company that helped me start my journey into vaping. I'm super thankful not only to the team that I work with but for the opportunity to better the way that I live.