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About Us

Founded by the Robertson brothers in 2014, the company has quickly become an integral part of the vaping revolution that is sweeping the country.

VapouRevolution is a family run company that aims to make Canadians healthier through a smoke-free environment.

Have you thought, “My partner hates the taste/smell of cigarettes” or “smoking is way too expensive” – then we have a solution for you! Vaping is the fastest growing nicotine replacement tool on the market used to supplement or replace your current nicotine delivery method. Whether that be smoking cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, or using the nicotine patch.

We only sell authentic, premium hardware. All electrical components have passed strict regulations, and our products have official factory scratch codes to verify authenticity. We feature several local devices and accessories that are exclusive to VapouRevolution. 

We carry more than 150 flavors of all Canadian made E-Juices that have been crafted using premium ingredients. with the highest quality propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavorings on the market. Our product selection at each location is constantly changing.


VapouRevolution Beginnings

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Our First Shop Opened In Grande Prairie Alberta In 2014. We've Been Expanding Each Year.

Rewards Program

Any purchases made in our shops through an account will receive a 5% credit of the total pre-tax amount of the sale. This credit is applied to the purchasers account. To activate an account at a VapouRevolution store, we need your first and last name and a phone number.

Loyalty can be redeemed at any time, please mention to a VapouRevolution associate prior to your purchase that you would like to use your loyalty towards your purchase!